Ideal Fence Post Topper Selections for Daily Use

In this article, you can know more about different types of post toppers for your fence and come up with ways that can help maximize the?fence?installation in your backyard. Here are the best fence post toppers you can choose from: 


Feeders and birdhouses 

Install bird feeders or houses on your fence posts to attract nature to your yard. These are constructed to be directly mounted on top of a fence post. Plus, they give a great addition to your yard for bird watching. Once you’re interested to see birds lay eggs and hatch a family within your backyard, this kind of post addition makes sense and is actually fun.?? 

For fence posts, both bird feeders and birdhouses are smaller designs that’ll create a distinct display for your backyard. Moreover, you could use several posts. For instance, one part of the yard could showcase the bird feeder, while the other part features a birdhouse.? 

Seasonal silhouette designs 

You can be creative with your fence designs by using metal post toppers with silhouette designs. For these solid designs to be shaped as objects and animals, they are laser cut. Once you buy a collection of toppers, you can choose from seasonal decorative options so that you can alter how your fence would look all year round.? 

Keep in mind that the more topper collections you have, the more selections you can get once you start decorating and designing your fence posts.? 

Solar Lights 

Use solar-powered fence post lights to give some illumination to your backyard. Lights are intended to fit on top of the fence post, which you can screw in to give more stability to it. In the daytime, solar panels will be charging up the lights. And when the sun goes down, the light sensors will immediately switch on the light.? 

The use of solar technology indicates that you don’t need to worry about running electronic cords and disposable batteries from each of the lights. Depending on which models you opt for, some lights give various brightness amounts. Other lights will incorporate an ambient and soft glow, while some will give a brighter light for visuals of the backyard and better security.? 

Security cameras 

When you want to achieve added protection and security in your backyard, think about utilizing fence posts to mount security cameras on your fence. A mounted camera can give backyard angles along with the fence’s perimeter. For wider coverage, it would be best to set up a 360-degree dome camera to the fence post. However, you can also use some cameras as fence toppers if you want.? 

Once you install security cameras on fences, it’s ideal to do so in wooden fences due to the wood’s sturdiness and thickness. Screw-based mounts would directly attach to the wooden post’s top part and give a stable environment so that an all-weather camera can take footage.? 

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